Lost America

I really like this guys work. Check out Lost America. lostamerica.com He uses a technique called “light painting”. All his shots are using LED flashlights and color theater gels. Very neat work that I would like to build up to doing. The only problem is the shots have to be taken at night that means keeping track of your equipment. I worry that I would lose things in the dark like lenses, external flashes and other generally expensive items.

Rachel, Nevada

Today I am remembering my May 2015 road trip out West. I wanted to check out the Little Ale’le Inn in lonely, Rachel, Nevada. It was a fun time. I liked being out in the desert. I pulled over at the side of the road a few times to film, photograph and reflect. The desert is a cool place. As for the Little Ale’le Inn in Rachel, it was a nice group of people there. I think they were all people and not aliens. Hehe. The bartender put on a rubber alien head and posed for photos with the customers at the bar. It was fun. I was not allowed to record video inside the place. I could only take photos.

While I was having a burger and two beers the bartender told one of the customers how to find the dirt road to the one Area 51 gate. We also talked about the infamous “black mailbox”. Which I think now is painted white. It was a fun stop in Rachel. I think it will be my only stop there since it is so far away from anything. A once in a lifetime stop. I am still not sure if I believe in aliens. lol.

Monument Valley

I had the opportunity to visit Monument Valley twice. The first time was in May 2015. I went by myself. I only stayed to days in the town of Blanding, Utah. That was the closest town North of Monument Valley that you could stay at. During my drive in the dirt road within the park, I met a lady selling Indian jewelry and asked her if she knew of anyone giving guided tours. I wanted to go on a guided tour to get access to the forbidden areas of the park. Places only the Indians are allowed to go, or visitors are allowed to go with a guide.

I got the guides number which happened to be a Chicago area area code. I left a message. A shame he did not call me again until the next day and I was already on my way from Blanding, Utah to Page, Arizona (my next stop). Maybe one day I will go again, and take a guided photo tour of the tribal park.

Bodie, California

Back in May of 2015 I had the chance to take a two week road trip out West. One of the places I wanted to see was the Ghost Town of Bodie, California. I found a nice Best Western hotel in the town of Mammoth Lakes, California and stayed two nights at this hotel. There were signs posted in the parking lot not to leave food in your car because of the bears. The town was very close to nature. From Mammoth Lakes, its about a 1 hour or so drive North to Bodie. At the turn off to Bodie, I thought I had reached the town. However after another thirty minutes of driving the winding, asphalt entrance road the asphalt ended and the rough, dirt road began.

I was driving a sport car and it was pretty rough to get to Bodie. I took my time and I had a full tank of gas. I slowly made my way to the old ghost town. It was a fascinating place. I kinda wished there was less snow, but it was an interesting time. The town is managed by the California Parks Department and is just left as is. The buildings entrances were mostly all fenced off. The only building accessible was an old general store that was used at the Bodie Welcome and Information center. Below is a video that I pieced together of my time in Bodie, California.

Stopped in the desert

Remembering my May 2015 road trip out West from Chicagoland. I managed to negotiate two weeks off from my last job. That year I was counting the days till I could leave to go out West. Living in Chicagoland is ok, but would not be my first choice of a place to live. My family settled here and that is why I remain here. If I had the funds and the choice, I would gladly move out West.

Chicago is a world class city but it has it’s share of crime and corruption. I really would love to live in a more natural and vast setting. Mountains, desert, even the ocean. Whenever I have the chance to go on a road trip I always choose to go West. I love being on the road. Give me a nice car, a long stretch of asphalt and a good cup of black coffee and I am happy. Normally I travel by myself. I don’t tend to get into any arguments traveling by myself. It can get a little lonely with no one to talk to at times. However, I sometimes do talk to myself. I just don’t answer myself.

Traveling by myself allows me to pull off the road if I see something worth photographing. I can take any exit off the interstate I feel like. Stop at any truck stop, and stop and photograph any random or odd location I feel like. For me it’s really neat to pull the car over in the middle of the desert and reflect for a few minutes. I do love the desert.