Monument Valley

I had the opportunity to visit Monument Valley twice. The first time was in May 2015. I went by myself. I only stayed to days in the town of Blanding, Utah. That was the closest town North of Monument Valley that you could stay at. During my drive in the dirt road within the park, I met a lady selling Indian jewelry and asked her if she knew of anyone giving guided tours. I wanted to go on a guided tour to get access to the forbidden areas of the park. Places only the Indians are allowed to go, or visitors are allowed to go with a guide.

I got the guides number which happened to be a Chicago area area code. I left a message. A shame he did not call me again until the next day and I was already on my way from Blanding, Utah to Page, Arizona (my next stop). Maybe one day I will go again, and take a guided photo tour of the tribal park.

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