Rachel, Nevada

Today I am remembering my May 2015 road trip out West. I wanted to check out the Little Ale’le Inn in lonely, Rachel, Nevada. It was a fun time. I liked being out in the desert. I pulled over at the side of the road a few times to film, photograph and reflect. The desert is a cool place. As for the Little Ale’le Inn in Rachel, it was a nice group of people there. I think they were all people and not aliens. Hehe. The bartender put on a rubber alien head and posed for photos with the customers at the bar. It was fun. I was not allowed to record video inside the place. I could only take photos.

While I was having a burger and two beers the bartender told one of the customers how to find the dirt road to the one Area 51 gate. We also talked about the infamous “black mailbox”. Which I think now is painted white. It was a fun stop in Rachel. I think it will be my only stop there since it is so far away from anything. A once in a lifetime stop. I am still not sure if I believe in aliens. lol.

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