Stopped in the desert

Remembering my May 2015 road trip out West from Chicagoland. I managed to negotiate two weeks off from my last job. That year I was counting the days till I could leave to go out West. Living in Chicagoland is ok, but would not be my first choice of a place to live. My family settled here and that is why I remain here. If I had the funds and the choice, I would gladly move out West.

Chicago is a world class city but it has it’s share of crime and corruption. I really would love to live in a more natural and vast setting. Mountains, desert, even the ocean. Whenever I have the chance to go on a road trip I always choose to go West. I love being on the road. Give me a nice car, a long stretch of asphalt and a good cup of black coffee and I am happy. Normally I travel by myself. I don’t tend to get into any arguments traveling by myself. It can get a little lonely with no one to talk to at times. However, I sometimes do talk to myself. I just don’t answer myself.

Traveling by myself allows me to pull off the road if I see something worth photographing. I can take any exit off the interstate I feel like. Stop at any truck stop, and stop and photograph any random or odd location I feel like. For me it’s really neat to pull the car over in the middle of the desert and reflect for a few minutes. I do love the desert.

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